Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mobs of People in the Malls

My least favorite activity is trying to negotiate - ie walk through - the mall during the December rush just prior to Christmas. Although there are several malls now available for Meridanos to escape their homes and 'pasear', it seems that each of them is as crowded as the next. Parking is nearly impossible and it takes 10-15 minutes of sitting in your car waiting for that family in the minivan with Campeche plates, waiting for that perfect spot at the entrance to the parking garage, thereby causing a huge lineup of honking, motor-revving motorists to accumulate behind them. They are of course, completely oblivious to the traffic behind them, as their main concern is getting that perfect parking spot and everyone else can wait.

Then, the actual walking through the mall, where entire 7-member families, licking whipped vegetable oil ice 'cream', amble slowly along, one beside the other, as one giant human line. Impossible to pass since they occupy the entire available floor space with their , they too are oblivious to people around them and are having a great time.

The Neurotic Foreigner loves the Christmas activity in the mall!


Anonymous said...

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orangeLynn said...

Hey Anonymous, you misspelled "typical" and "chauffeur."