Friday, November 27, 2009

Yucatan: Safest State in Mexico

Maybe it's the heavy police presence. Perhaps it's the states' geography. Or, there might be some truth to the persistent rumour that the 'narcos' have their families here and an understanding not to go after one another here.

Whatever the reason, Yucatan is the safest state in violence-riddled Mexico, according to the Consejo Nacional de Seguridad Publica (National Council on Public Safety).

The CNSP goes on to say that the level of insecurity is so low that it is on the same level as cities in Holland, Switzerland or Chile.

Behind Yucatan are Campeche, Veracruz, Zacatecas and Tlaxcala.

If true, I can put up with those bothersome 'retenes' on Yucatans' highways and Meridas' streets.

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paulklee0 said...

I am a central mexican living in Merida, I knew the city was safe. Yesterday, about eleven o´clock in the night, the police knocked on my door, to tell me that my car window was open, and i should close it to avoid any damage done to my car, the asked me to check if i was not missing something inside my car, so i did. I was amazed, and surprised that they did this, if police knocks on your door, in central mexico, you better start shaking. They would never go trough the trouble, just to let you know that your car is open. I went to sleep happy and puzzled.