Friday, March 27, 2009

Diario de Yucatan Headline - Church Encourages Criticism

The Diario de Yucatan published as it's front page story (March 23, 2009) an article detailing the church's exhortation that criticism is necessary and its' warning of the dangers of not accepting dissenting opinions.

Is the almighty church talking about itself? Of course not, silly reader! No, they are talking about politics. Apparently what's never been good for the goose is alright for the gander, to paraphrase and dissect a popular expression.

The church (catholic of course) never accepts criticism or dissenting opinions of any kind, yet in Mexican archdioceses' weekly publication "Desde La Fe" an editorial blathers on and on about how politicians should be open to dissent, criticism and so forth. It goes on to say that 'opening oneself up with intelligence to criticism won't harm anyone' but that closing oneself off to differing opinions or questions will and thus 'authentic politicians should know how engage in dialogue; they should have the ability to debate, convince, respect - not impose or gag alternative voices'.

It's all very well for the catholic powers-that-be to indulge in this sort of moralizing and preaching, considering the fact that they would never; have never, tolerated dissent, criticism, debate, or anything that might suggest a dialogue and have done exactly what they propose politicians do not do: impose and gag. Apparently their doctrine is so fragile that 'criticism won't harm anyone' does not apply in their particular case.

Will anyone call them on their hypocrisy?

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1st Mate said...

The Catholic church reminds me of China. They're so terrified of being revealed in all their hypocrisy, corruption and error that they have to hide behind a curtain of "holiness." This new "encouragement of criticism" is probably their way of demonstrating how progressive they are and attracting the youth who have strayed from the traditional church.