Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Merida Scenes II

Here's an example of 'optimistic' advertising (I'd call it blatantly misleading but you all know me). Read the sign carefully, especially the part about how long it will take you to get there.

The Martí gym franchise Sport City was all set to come to the Yucatan and compete with Exersite (Altabrisa mall). You can still see where that was going to happen across from the Hacienda Xcanatun at the entrance to a residential area of the same name.

Turns out that the local owners couldn't come to agree with the folks at Sport City and so that was the end of Sports City. Now, they've replaced the City part on all their signage with the word Center.

On this poster, plastered repeatedly on telephone posts in the charming hamlet of Chicxulub, Sport Center assures you that their gym is only 5 minutes away.

This is either a deliberate fat lie or they are so hurting for money that they recycled the signs that were originally going to be put somewhere near the Gran Plaza, which would have really been five minutes away!

All my best to Sport, um, Center.


Islagringo said...

There used to be a Sports City in Cancun. Across from Plaza las Americas. It closed down a few years ago.

Tanya Sieker said...

That is definitely something weird, I would say the gym is five minutes away from Merida and I agree with you on the advertising part but I dont hink we should minimize the effort of the people who is working there because is not a franchise anymore. I dont know if you have been there, but to make a good critize you have be completely informed. Also, "these folks" tried to work with the new Sport City owners that changed an arrangement done five years ago with Alejandro Martí before he sold the majority of Sport City when his son died and the ones who didnt respect the contract were the Sport City people. This new club is offering exactly the same thing, after all it only changed its name and the service and facilities are awesome.

William Lawson said...

Lots of details there Tanya! Thanks for the comments! Also to you IslaGringo!

William Lawson said...
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