Thursday, October 25, 2007

Great Service - Gasolinera Maya

Here is a note about some really nice folks - the staff at the Gasolinera Maya Pemex station on the highway to Progreso (the one that has a crappy 7-11 on the premises).

This gas station has always struck me and my better half as being leagues above the norm in customer service. When you arrive at the pump, the greet you with a smile and "welcome to the Gasolinera Maya" and they actually look like they are happy to see you. They are also one of the first gas stations with a remote credit card terminal so you can pay with debit or credit cards from the comfort of your vehicle.

Yesterday, I filled up one car and paid with my debit card. 2 hours later, I stopped by again with a second vehicle and had that one filled up as well. When I tried to pay with the debit card, there was a communication problem with the terminal and, after two attempts, I tried with the credit card. None went through. Not having any cash on me and with no ATM around, I half-jokingly said, "well, you know who I am, I can come back later and pay you". And guess what? That's exactly what happened! These people just asked me to sign a small slip of paper, leave my name and number and to come back later when the terminal was working again!

I have got to say I was blown away by their confianza and goodwill! I would rate their customer service, on a scale of 1 to 10, at a solid 10. Don't subject yourself to indifferent or bad service (Servicio Campestre, across from Sam's is a consistent and depressing -1 on the service scale, for example) by buying your gasoline anywhere else!

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Amused said...

El Maloso is correct: that particular gas station has to be one of the best in Yucatan. And, interestingly, they seem to employ a number of female station attendants. Maybe this station is run by "modern-thinking" or "new wave" management.

If I'm out that way, I always fill up there. Helps me avoid the crappy service and some of the low-ball practices at some in town.

PEMEX needs to update their pumps so that no gas can be sold without resetting the pump to zero, for one thing. It's an old trick but still in evidence.

Always get out and see the attendant put the pump back to zero before he starts filling your tank. You can do it casually, stretching, yawning, etc, as though you've been in the car all day. But do it. Otherwise, you may pay $40 US for $10 worth of gas.