Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Let's Get a Grippe

I'm no doctor, so don't look to me for medical advice.

Did you, dear reader, know that last year, in the US alone, and according to the CDC, 36,000 people died of flu-like symptoms? I read that this morning on CNN.

We don't know how many in Mexico or even if anyone's counting of course, but there's probably a number out there and its more than 1000.

Let's lighten up, shall we?


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Jorgito said...

Amen to that! A lot of paranoia is affecting the lifestyle of everybody. It is sad but it's the mexican way of doing nothing but "echar la hueva".

EJA said...

What a missed opportunity. You need to change the headline to, "Let's Get a Grippe."

-- Josh

William Lawson said...

Thanks EJ - that's why I have you around... to point these things out to me. Saludos from SwineLand

EJA said...

Ah, Senor Lawson. It seems that one of my townsman has come down with symptoms of the dreaded grippe de porcina. That means Cape Cod is infected before you are!

-- Josh

William Lawson said...

So sorry to hear it, my esteemed colleague! Let's just keep in mind that this is a FLU, not Ebola. I'm sure your Cape Cod victim will survive!